Single Parents Daily

Lessons From the Minivan with Jill Kaplan

August 4, 2020
Chady and Evan interview with Mom, Author, Blogger and Social Media Personality, Lessons from the Minivan, Jill Kaplan. She's got a B.A.S in psychology and a law degree. She's been an attorney, an adjunct business law professor, craft business owner college application coach and many other ventures. A true "Jane of all Trades", and like many of us parents out there, she did it all for her 3 children. 
Sit down with Evan and Chady to learn more about this incredible woman and her courageous and painful journey from a narcissistic abusive relationship, illness, relationships, single motherhood.....everything to becoming @lessonsfromtheminivan. 
There is so much to this episode, you'll want to listen to it twice. 

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