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Unicorn Moms with Maria Hunt

Unicorn Moms with Maria Hunt

October 27, 2020

Have you heard, "Perfect moms are like unicorns, they don't exist" floating around the internet?

Single Parents Daily would like to share with you this fantastic episode with the mastermind mom behind Unicorn Moms, Maria Hunt...who shares this motto with other moms (and everyone) out there!

Maria Hunt is single mom of 2 boys ages 12 & 10 from Los Angeles. After working in the tech start-up industry for 13 years with companies like MySpace, Bridg and, Brandish, she founded Unicorn Moms in 2015. While looking for more like-minded, fun moms, she found most online mom groups to be a little too "mean-girls" for her taste. From here Maria was inspired to create this community, where moms can have real discussions without any judgement or cattiness.

Join Evan and Maria as they chat about everything from who she is, what a unicorn mom is, COVID, Evan and Maria's new band all down through to the 'mean-girl syndrome' also known as "mom-shaming" that comes from other women after divorce, and so much more! Maria may not be your cup of tea, but let's be honest she’d rather be your shot of tequila!

Que the bottle! 

Tortured by Toddlers with Katy Tenner

Tortured by Toddlers with Katy Tenner

October 20, 2020
Episode 57 of the Single Parents Daily Podcast brings some heartwarming entertainment.
Evan and Chady chat with an Instagram favorite, Katy Tenner, aka 'Tortured by Toddlers'. Some may know her from her BBQ brush massage, featured on Good Morning America.
Katy lives in Sacramento, CA with her husband and two young kids. She works as a registered dietitian and loves bacon and boxed wine. When she’s not busy at the hospital or trying to keep up with her crazy kids, she can be found napping, which is her favorite thing to do. Katy started her Instagram page, @torturedbytoddlers, as a comic relief from the stressors of being a working mom, but has found it to a wonderful way to connect with parents worldwide.
Parenting Right From the Start with Dr. Vanessa Lapointe

Parenting Right From the Start with Dr. Vanessa Lapointe

October 13, 2020
Evan DeMarco and Chady Dunmore sit down with the ultimate 'parent whisperer', Dr. Vanessa Lapointe. This is TRULY an insightful episode ANY parent, single or happily married needs to listen to!
 Dr. Vanessa Lapointe is an author, parenting expert, and registered psychologist who has been supporting families and children for more than fifteen years. Author of Discipline without Damage: How to get your kids to behave without messing them up and Parenting Right From The Start: Laying a Healthy Foundation in the Baby and Toddler years, regularly invited media guest and contributor, educator and speaker, a Huffington Post Parent blogger, and a consultant to research projects and various organizations promoting emotional health and development, 
Dr. Vanessa’s passion is in walking alongside parents, teachers, care providers, and other big people to really see the world through the child’s eyes. She believes that if we can do this, we are beautifully positioned to grow up our children in the best possible way. As a mother to 2 growing children, Dr. Vanessa strives not only professionally, but also personally, to view the world through the child’s eyes.
We intend on having the good Doctor on the Single Parents Daily show again.
In the meantime, please check out her social media, website, her books  (which will be linked on the podcast) AND also her online course! 
Chady and Evan are excited to take this course and share our experiences with you all!
P.E is a Home Based Activity

P.E is a Home Based Activity

October 6, 2020

Remember when we were encouraged (forced) to run a mile, or 3 for P.E during school? Practically practicing for the Olympics?

Shot put, track, discus, anything that made us break a sweat...even in our younger years of dodgeball, tag, staying outside after school riding our bikes until the sun went down, etc...

With zero disrespect to the teachers during Covid, what on earth is online P.E?

In this episode of the Single Parents Daily podcast, you get the 'full monty' of how Evan and Chady feel about physical education, online. Prepare to have milk come out of your nose on this one! 

Sugarproof Kids with Dr. Emily Ventura

Sugarproof Kids with Dr. Emily Ventura

September 29, 2020
Evan DeMarco and Chady Dunmore here at Single Parents Daily break it all down with Dr. Emily Ventura,  an experienced nutrition educator, public health advocate, writer, and cook. A topic SO many parents dismiss, especially during COVID, is ALL the sugar we are feeding our kids.
Emily co-wrote a book with Dr. Michael Goran named, 'Sugarproof', a MUST READ about how to raise healthy kids in today’s high sugar food environment, teaching them to self-regulate sugar intake, and enjoy good food and good health for years to come. 
Make sure to follow 'Sugarproofkids' on Instagram and Facebook and check out their website
How to Deal After Divorce with Evan DeMarco and Chady Dunmore

How to Deal After Divorce with Evan DeMarco and Chady Dunmore

September 22, 2020
How the HELL do you deal with life...yourself...after your divorce?  
What are the next steps to heal? If you're going through a divorce during COVID, on top of everything, check out this episode, NOW!
Chady and Evan discuss how they dealt with their divorces and share with you some really amazing tips that helped them, and others begin the healing process.
By the end of this podcast, you will feel motivated to start the rebuilding process and have had a belly full of laughs!
Mentions in this episode; Don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements, being eaten by sharks, rebuilding your life, Jerry MaGuire, that thing called the 'movie theaters', and so much more!
Covid Learning Curve with Dr. Nicole Beurkens

Covid Learning Curve with Dr. Nicole Beurkens

September 15, 2020

This is a podcast so MANY have been sending inquiries about, especially during COVID.

We'd like to introduce Dr Nicole Beurkens; As a licensed clinical psychologist with advanced degrees in psychology, education, and nutrition, Dr. Nicole Beurkens is the world’s leading holistic child psychologist. She has dedicated her 23+ year career to providing parents with research-based strategies that get to the root of children’s attention, anxiety, mood, and behavior challenges so they can reach their highest potential. She runs a multi-disciplinary evaluation and treatment clinic and is a best-selling author, published researcher, award-winning therapist, and experienced mother of four. 

Dr. Nicole Beurkens has been featured on NBC, ABC, Parents, redbook, FOX, Good Housekeeping, The New York Times, mindbodygreen, The Huffington Post, CBS and others! 

We are excited to share this episode with you!

Living on the Dad Edge with Larry Hagner

Living on the Dad Edge with Larry Hagner

September 8, 2020

Meet Larry Hagner, founder of iTunes top rated Dad podcasts, 'The Dad Edge Podcast'.  A best selling author, motivational speaker, creator of 'Dads Edge Alliance', fellow podcaster featured on shows such as 'Sex With Emily', 'Dad Life', 'The Good Men Project', and many others out there.....on TOP of being an amazing father that helps other dads rediscover their passion for parenting, shares his unique story with Single Parents Daily in this interview. This episode is one for the books! Tune in now!

Going Viral with Evan Nimke

Going Viral with Evan Nimke

September 1, 2020
Evan and Chady chat with the one and only Evan Nimke, the viral dad of social media, @ViralDads! Evan talks shop about all thing's parenthood, #DadLife and his story of being an actively involved stay-at-home-dad of his two sons including the highs, the lows and the “dadpreneur” projects he has launched over the years...all of which were created during their nap times. 
Trans Parenting With Nicole Pecoraro

Trans Parenting With Nicole Pecoraro

August 25, 2020

Evan DeMarco and Chady Dunmore interview with Nicole Pecoraro, also known as @momtransparenting on social media. In this episode, we get an in depth narrative on being a trans-parent, as well an appreciation of what it takes to be an accepting parent. 

An amazing mother of 3, Nicole is also a Realtor living in a suburb of Chicago. As a single mom she likes to spend her abundant free time doing laundry, picking up other capable people's crap, and writing about kids, divorce, family, and this whole motherhood thing on her blog which we highly encourage you to follow!

To watch the full video interview, go to or head over to our Single Parents Daily YouTube channel! 

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