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Tilt Parenting with Debbie Reber

November 24, 2020
Wired Differently or Differently Wired? Join Evan and Chady this week on the Single Parents Daily Podcast with a guest many can benefit from hearing, Debbie Reber. We don't even know where to begin on sharing who Debbie is, her background is astounding. While still having time to be an amazing mom, she is doing SO much for parents, kids, and teens out in the world. 
"Debbie Reber is a parenting activist, New York Times bestselling author, podcast host, and speaker who, before creating TiLT, spent more than fifteen years writing inspiring books for women and teens and speaking about issues like media literacy, self-esteem, and confidence. 

TiLT Parenting was founded in 2016 by Debbie Reber as a podcast and community aimed at helping parents raising differently-wired kids do so from a place of confidence, connection, and joy. Debbie is passionate about the idea that being differently wired isn’t a deficit —it’s a difference. She hopes to change the way difference is perceived and experienced in the world so these exceptional kids, and the parents raising them, can thrive in their schools, in their families, and in their lives.

The TiLT Parenting Podcast is a top podcast in Apple Podcast’s Kids & Family category, with more than 2 million downloads and regularly features high-profile parenting experts and educators."

Check out Tilt Parenting Podcast! If you want to better attain knowledge and guidance about raising neurologically atypical kids (OCD, Asperger's, ADHD, giftedness, 2e, learning differences, sensory processing issues, anxiety, and more) with confidence, love, and happiness, this is your show. Did we mention she has a TEDxAmsterdam video for you to watch, too?

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